'The Brick Pit' Eastwood

Client: AV Jennings
Site: New Housing Estate ‘Cavanstone’
12000m² of north facing batter
Product: Ecoblanket

Scope: The Hills BARK BLOWER staff were contracted to install Ecoblanket into a site for AV Jennings. The batter mainly consisted of a clay/shale rock face, difficult to plant into and stabilise. Using traditional methods, the batter planting would have been very costly.
The idea of a compost blanket and its ease of application on such a difficult site appealed to the contracted designer and the fact that we guarantee our Ecoblanket product was a positive point.

Prior to the application commencing, soil test results showed the need for the batter to be ameliorated with the application of both Gypsum and Dolomite Lime in specific areas. This was mixed prior to installation at The Hills BARK BLOWER yard.

We are easily able to see where the seed is applied to the ground by dying of our cover crop. This ensures even distribution. Through thorough soil testing and amelioration, correct plant selection for both the climate and soil type, and all steps of the Ecoblanket process being followed through, we have achieved outstanding success for both ourselves and ultimately our clients.