Client: Leighton Contractors

Product: EcoBlanket®

Scope: The Hills Bark Blower® staff were asked to apply Ecoblanket to a batter which would eventually border a newly constructed section of the Hume Highway. Given the grade of the batter, an Elevated Work Platform was used both for WH&S purposes and also to allow us to apply the Ecoblanket evenly over the 4,200m2 slope. These photos show the progression of the job. Initially, the area had no growing media appropriate for regeneration of natives. A cover crop was sown with the EcoBlanket along with native seeds so the erosion would be controlled on the batter and the vegetation would establish well.

At 4 weeks, the cover crop had established for initial stabilisation of the bank. 
At 6 months, the cover crop had finished its cycle, stabilised the batter and died off. The native seedlings were evident. 
At 14months, all specified native species had well and truly covered the area and the embankment was stabilised and regenerated.
At 20 months, the batter had an overwhelming density in most areas creating a natural looking environment from the Highway and most importantly, creating an extremely stable embankment