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Recent and regular testing to the newest Australian Standard AS 4422:2016
The Hills Bark Blower business supplies and installs both Playbark and Playground Sand. They comply with the Australian Standard for playground under surfacing. We have our products independently tested and the results are available below for all our clients to refer to for their sites. Click here for our softfall products page.

Natural product is best for children’s play
There have been several studies recently looking at the correlation between positive environmental stewardship and experiencing natural surrounds. In some of these studies, there was a connection drawn between children who were given the opportunity to play with natural products and the extent to which they cared for the environment. The Hills Bark Blower staff are keen to see the next generation connected to our natural world, rather than a fake and disassociated place. We have developed our play areas and products to reflect this.

What makes a good playground?
Four keys to creating a good playground.

  1. Make it Fun
  2. Make it Challenging
  3. Make it Safe
  4. Make is Accessible

FUN – Children love to play. Their imagination is an important part of their development as they move between reality and make believe. To encourage this play, elements in a good playground design need to suggest ideas for play without providing the whole story. Natural elements such as plants, wood, stone and mulch or sand rather than fake ‘plastic’ areas also enhance their love of nature into the future and provide a greater sense of adventure in the outdoors.
CHALLENGING- Play involves a feeling of adventure and risk. Good playgrounds incorporate items that provide that feeling of risk within the bounds of the design. Children begin to take unnecessary risks when the play area is too manufactured and stimulating.
SAFE- Safety is paramount to a successful playground. All equipment needs to be certified to the relevant standards including AS 4685:2017. See more on at the Australian Standard Website here – Australian Standards Playground Equipment
The undersurfacing must be tested to the latest Australian Standard which is AS 4422:2016. The Hills Bark Blower tests those results are found below. Kidsafe can be contacted for more information on safe play spaces. For the best contact in your area, click here Kidsafe contact
ACCESSIBLE- Age appropriate and accessible playgrounds mean that all children can enjoy the outdoors in an active way. Many Local Councils and Specialist Landscape Architects are designing play spaces to cater for selected ages and a range of abilities from simple and complicated stepping stones, to varying heights for different aged children. Sensory spaces using aromtic plants and tactile materials work in well with accessible needs.

Our BARK BLOWER® Playbark is our most popular under surfacing for playgrounds as it is extremely spongy and performs well with testing.
Test Certificate Playbark

The newest softfall available through our Blower Trucks is a light, soft, attractive mulch that encourages natural and healthy play. Forest Playmulch is certified to AS 4422: 2016 and available now for installation.
Test Certificate Forest Playmulch

Our beautiful, soft and tactile Playground Sand is reminiscent of visits to the beach, and is clean and tested to the latest Australian standard.
Test Certificate Playground Sand

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Read our article posted on LinkedIn recently and found here as a pdf- Kid’s Play the Natural Way.

Quality Assurance Policy
Our business follows a rigorous internal Quality Assurance Policy to ensure the final product for our clients is consistent and fulfills the requirements for which it was purchased. For more information, call us on 1300BLOWIT.