EFFICIENT    FAST   PROFESSIONAL    Up to 15 tonnes every 15 minutes! 

Our Rockslinger® trucks are powerful and effective.
The Hills Bark Blower business specialises in making construction sites of all sizes work well. We have 2 slinger trucks labelled "Rockslinger" working constantly, with a third one on the way. The very nature of the trucks means that it is the most efficient and cost effective solution for time poor, busy sites. We concentrate on providing a reliable smooth logistics service and rigid Work Health and Safety.
Any product under 75mm in size, for example, railway ballast, blue metal and screened top soil are suitable.

The ability of our Rockslinger trucks
1. to Refill our blower trucks for a more efficient installation on time poor job sites.
2. to install Bioretention and Drainage products quickly.
3. to fill Pipelines and cable Trenches with suitable ballast
4. to install products that are not able to go through our other pneumatic style machines.
5. Product delivered, installed and clean up occurs.

Work Health and Safety regulations spot on
We work hard to create a safe and healthy environment for our workers on all construction sites we visit. To see more on the systems we put in place, our training and documentation, visit our WHS page or call us on 1300 BLOWIT.

Logistics unrivalled
We endeavour to make our service as smooth as possible. As such, we have our staff visit projects beforehand to check on truck parking, areas to have product installed, and even measurements and induction requirements. We want all our customers to experience a high quality supply, installation and clean up process by our trained Slinger Trucks professionals.

Call us on 1300 BLOWIT for more information or email on

Quality Assurance Policy
Our business follows a rigorous internal Quality Assurance Policy to ensure the final product for our clients is consistent and fulfills the requirements for which it was purchased. For more information, call us on 1300BLOWIT.