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Green Roofs

ResearchErosion ControlSoil TestsSoftfall TestingGreen RoofsGreen RoofsResearch has been conducted into the performance of two organic growing media compared to a standard mineral based medium used in rooftop gardens. The two growing media under trial contain a higher proportion of organic matter than the standard media, with a high mineral content. The testing was carried out by The University of Western Sydney to ensure independent data.

To download the latest test result on The Hills Green Roof Mix, click here.

How does run-off water compare in quality between the organic mixes and the standard mix?

Do the organic mixes show any slumpage or shrinkage, and how does this compare to the standard mix?

Do the organic mixes weigh less than the standard mix, when both wet and dry?

How does the temperature of the supporting substrate compare under planter boxes carrying the organic mixes and the standard mix?

How does plant growth compare in the organic mixes, compared to the standard mix?

What depth of organic mix is required to give optimum results for plant growth, temperature reduction and quality of run-off water?

The final report from Assoc Prof E. Charles Morris can be found below. A brief summary of the conclusions can be found in the conference presentations below. The Hills BARK BLOWER ® staff would like to thank OzBreed and Atlantis Water Management for their involvement and support in this project.

Final Report from UWS

Presentations Download

Associate Professor Charles Morris
Rooftop Garden Trial

Sidonie Carpenter
Green roofs Challenges and Rewards

Annie Kavanagh
Compost in the Environment

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