Olympic Park – Pavilions

Client: The Gardenmakers

Product: B Horizon Mix, Lightweight Planter Box Mix, Turf Underlay, Drainage Sand

The Gardenmakers were engaged to manage the landscape construction of a new site in Olympic Park.
Pavilions, a Mirvac group development, has won awards for design by BVN Architects. It has a 4000sqm courtyard provding greenspace to residents, surrounded by residential buildings. The green space includes play areas, shade trees, lawns and gardens. The Hills Bark Blower team were engaged by The Gardenmakers to install a range of landscape product into the site over several months including Drainage Sand, Turf Underlay, B Horizon Mix and Lightweight Planter Box Mix. The project spanned 2019 and 2020 and included more that 1000 cubic metres of product placed accurately into the beautiful design.
The Hills Rockslinger machinery was used to quickly install the landscape product into the roadside areas, while the versatile blower trucks were utilised for the courtyard and planter soils further into the site.