Soils and Planter Mixes

The Hills Lightweight Planter Mix
The Hills Lightweight Planter Mix is excellent for installation into the top 300 – 400 mm of a contained environment such as planter boxes and podiums. It has been developed in conjunction with the Hills B Horizon mix to work as the nutrient rich growing media layer of an engineered profile.
Lightweight Planter Box Mix Information – October 2021
Lightweight Planter Mix – SDS


The Hills B Horizon Sub Soil
The Hills B Horizon Mix performs well as a lower profile substrate in contained environments, below the Lightweight Planter Box Mix. It has been developed to work as the stable drainage media layer of an engineered profile. It provides enough nutrition for continued root growth while creating a stable substrate for long term volume.
B Horizon Sub Soil Mix Information – October 2021
B Horizon Sub Soil Mix – SDS

The Hills Premium Garden Mix
The Hills Premium Garden Mix is a superior growing media designed to support a range of plant species from exotics to most Australian Natives. It supports young plants and has the substance to remain an excellent mix long term. The Hills Premium Garden Mix has a structure that supports stable volume and a good organic content to encourage a healthy microbial ecosystem.
Premium Garden Mix Information October 2021
Premium Garden Mix – SDS

The Hills Turf Underlay
The Hills Turf Underlay is a superior mix that creates a thriving lawn environment. It is specially developed for the use in both residential and amenity turf areas. The mix contains minerals and inorganic components, as well as a percentage of organic products for better structure and nutrition. The Hills Turf Underlay has high permeability which creates a free draining environment to decrease the chance of fungal growth.
Turf Underlay Information October 2021
Turf Underlay – SDS


The Hills Green Roof Media
The Hills Green Roof Mix has been developed to provide a stable substrate that can sustain plant life while maintaining volume over time. The Hills Bark Blower® has installed large trial plots and monitored them over a 10 year period to ensure the green roof media used is the best available. It is also tested independently. Not only that, but The Hills Bark Blower® Green Roof mix has been given a certificate of compliance with the requirements in the soil publication by Leake and Haege, no easy feat. Available upon request.
Green Roof Mix Information October 2021


Other Specialty Mixes
The Hills Bark Blower ® has a large landscape yard where all the soil mixes are developed and tested. Special mixes can be organised upon request.