Decorative Mulches

Enviro Fines
Enviro Fines is a 100% recycled product produced from reused timber and mulched to a uniform size. It is an attractive and costeffective mulch providing excellent water retention for gardens areas, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing look.

Hardwood Chip
Hardwood Chip is a by-product of the timber mill industry. In the milling process, the timber is cut for building lengths, and the off cuts are then chipped. Those chips are then screened to various sizes for sale, from larger chips through to fines. The Hardwood mulch supplied by The Hills Bark Blower is a medium sizing in this process.

Hills Forest Mulch
Hills Forest Mulch is a blend of timber and leaf mulch, combined to produce a sustainable product that will inhibit weeds, retain moisture, and provide organic matter long term to deficient soils. Hills Forest Mulch provides an attractive natural finish to any garden bed, small or large, and is one of The Hills BARK BLOWER company’s most popular products.

10mm Hort Grade Pine Bark
This premium mulch is the smaller sized pieces of bark from the Radiata Pine tree. The natural red/brown colour of the product provides a highly decorative finish to any garden, particularly display gardens and high profile sites. The mulch still provides the benefits of moisture retention and weed inhibition over an extended term.