M2 Motorway Upgrade: Leighton Contractors

The Hills Bark Blower® company was engaged by Leighton Contractors, who had been awarded the contract for the M2 Motorway widening in North West Sydney in October of 2011. Leighton Contractors wanted the Hills Bark Blower® machinery to carry out erosion control works along the border embankments of the Motorway itself. Our proposal and scope of works was to apply approximately 26,000 square metres of Ecoblanket, installed to a depth of 50mm to areas which were potentially going to be affected by erosion if not treated with some form of stabilisation and control.

This project proved to be challenging due to specific and constant traffic management requirements and OH&S control, as well as very demanding site specific application issues.
After being awarded the contract for the works in January 2012, we commenced our site evaluation and site soil testing immediately, ready for works to commence in April 2012. These images show the success of the project.