Kangaroo Pipeline

Client: RM Services

Product: Sydney Sand

Scope: A maintenance problem occurred in the pipeline and the resultant water eroded the embankment. RMS had to patch the fault and then restabilise the embankment under the pipeline with polystyrene block. The Hills BARK BLOWER® machinery installed in excess of 100tonnes of 5mm Blue Metal around the blocks to add stability to the whole structure. The site was several kilometres down a dirt track and the slope on the site was very steep. The BARK BLOWER® truck backed up an extreme grade and then used up to 160 metres of hose to complete the job. The BARK BLOWER® method was the securest as no machinery could safely take the fill to the top of the slope without serious OHS concerns. The BARK BLOWER® method also provided the most cost effective option in terms of time and money.