Erosion Control

Protect and rehabilitate damaged areas until natural balance is restored


Terraseeding is the most effective seeding process available today. The Hills Bark Blower's Supplemental Injection System provides precisely calibrated injection of seed into the compost material making up an Ecoberm or Ecoblanket application.
This exclusive process yields faster, more uniform germination and healthier plants or turf

     •  Terraseeding enhances the structural integrity of the Ecoberm with root establishment.
     •  The plant root system provides further filtration through the Ecoberm
     •  Establishes a berm that blends in with the surrounding environment and can be left as a
        permanent part of the landscape
     •  Terraseeding further stabilises compost blankets
     •  It can incorporate native seed and grasses and other additions.
     •  The seeds are “planted into the compost, rather than just sitting on top, so it is less
        susceptible to the elements.
     •  Creates a cost efficient solution as all steps are combined into one application procedure.

Right: Terraseeding under large trees at Kellyville. The bare part wasn't terraseeded in the forefront as a comparison.