Erosion Control

Protect and rehabilitate damaged areas until natural balance is restored


The Hills BARK BLOWER Ecoblanket is an effective method for stopping erosion in its tracks. Ecoblanket replaces the natural layer of humus that already protects our undisturbed soil. Injected with an adhesive substance, the Ecoblanket has increased structural integrity. Ecoblanket is easily installed in a one step, low impact pneumatic process that can conform to about any terrain.

1. 100% Soil Coverage
As an erosion control measure, Ecoblanket completely covers the denuded soil with a matrix of natural organic material. Through pneumatic hose on application, the Ecoblanket conforms to the varied contours of the soil surface providing an interlocking blanket with the soil beneath.

2. Can be combined with Terraseeding
For establishment of permanent vegetation, whether it is grasses or native plants, the Ecoblanket can be injected with seed during the application process. The EcoBlanket material provides an ideal growing media for seed while providing immediate erosion control.

3. Organic and Recycled
The fibrous matrix it forms with the help of the bonding capabilities of the adhesive substance give the necessary structure needed without non-biodegradable reinforcements of netting. Made with recycled organics, Ecoblanket design is specified for optimum performance based on extensive research. It can be used as an earth friendly soil amendment at the completion of a project, or left as a permanent stabilising organic layer to create a new ecosystem over a relatively short space of time.

Ecoblanket also:

      Establishes a buffer to absorb rainfall energy
  Slows velocity of water run off, allowing natural percolation of rain water into soil
  Improves existing soil structure and biology
  Provides accessibility to remote and difficult to reach areas

EcoBlanket Specs

MSDS Sheet