Erosion Control

Protect and rehabilitate damaged areas until natural balance is restored


Advanced Ecoberm - better than silt fencing
Ecoberm is a more advanced alternative to plastic silt fencing. It is primarily composed of a specialised compost and Microblend. It is made solely using recycled organics. It has shown to be more than 99% effective in reducing soil loss. Ecoberm compares with the highest rated best management practices in the industry after stringent testing. It not only maintains a low cost for installation, it also does not require removal or disposal.

One step installation
The installation process only requires one step and creates a structure that adheres 100% to the ground. The structure provides the sifting of run-off without the non-biodegradable waste of a silt fence. In fact, Ecoberm can be seeded and left in place as a permanent landscape contour.

Hydrocarbons reduced
An independent lab has shown that the combination of Microblend and the compost used to make Ecoberm greatly enhances the ability of the material to degrade hydrocarbons as water flows through the natural matrix.

Positive impact only
It conforms to all terrain conditions and does not require ditching, staking or reinforcement. It offers low impact to the surrounding area physically, visually and environmentally.