East Village Apartments - Zetland

Green Fern Landscapes

As an existing and long-time supplier for Green Fern Landscapes, The Hills Bark Blower Company was approached regarding the supply and installation of approximately 4,000 Cubic Metres of Landscape Soils to the upcoming “East Village Apartments” project in Zetland, NSW.

The 6th Storey podium courtyard area covers a massive 6,000m², making it one of Australia’s largest Green roof podiums. The area provides a substantial ‘open space’ area for the residents and their guests, including large lawn areas, architecturally designed gardens and walkways throughout for all to enjoy. With the opportunity to contribute on what would be The Hills Bark Blower Company’s largest soil installation project to date, we were excited and ready to go when installation commenced in March 2014. Specifically designed Hills Bark Blower lightweight soil mixes were installed into various areas as the podium construction progressed over the following months. Planter boxes required the supply of both a B Horizon Sub Soil Mix as well as an Organic Lightweight Planter Mix, large mass garden areas were installed using an Organic Garden Mix and the large turf areas were established with the use of a stable, free draining soil mix. Works were completed in mid-August 2014 leaving both Green Fern Landscapes and The Hills Bark Blower staff proud to have completed what was one of both businesses’ largest projects to date.