Barden Ridge Golf Course: Turn Point Pty Ltd

In early 2011, The Hills Bark Blower® company was contacted by ‘Golf By Design’, who were in the final stages of designing the back nine holes of the newly established ‘Ridge Golf Course’. The new golf course was located within the Ridge Sports Complex, a state of the art sporting facility. The sporting facility has been developed on a former waste disposal site which had been treated, filled and compacted with 850,000 tonnes of clean fill. The facility is made up of six playing fields, twelve netball courts, an athletics track, a driving range and an 18 hole Championship Golf Course.

Golf By Design were impressed with what they had read about the Ecoblanket process and were interested in engaging The Hills Bark Blower® machinery and staff to assist with the 50,000 square metres of native landscaping to be established throughout the course. They particularly liked the natural looking environment that Ecoblanket establishes ,rather than using plantings that create specifically set out and rigid planted areas with very unnatural looking borders.
Our proposal was accepted and for the first time in NSW, Ecoblanket replaced the need for mass planted areas on a golf course. Works commenced in April 2011 and were carried out over the following 6 months as the areas became available for application.