The Hills Bark Blower Story

The Australian Original and the Best

Blower trucks were first introduced to Australia when the owner of The Hills Bark Blower built two truck mounted machines in conjunction with a local engineering company. The Hills Bark Blower continued to grow as the landscape and building market in NSW realised how cost effective and useful these powerful installers were. Now, our BARK BLOWER® brand is the home to the largest and most powerful fleet of blower trucks in Australia and has been operating since 1997. As the largest fleet, we are able to offer efficient and cost effective service to jobs of all sizes.

Large Landscape Yards and our own mixes
The Hills Bark Blower business owns and runs acres of landscape yard to develop and stock a wide range of soils, mulches, sands, and pebbles. We have the capability to make up specific mixes as well as stock large amounts of our own specialist mixes. Call us for individual, site specific mixes.

Staff Qualified in Landscapes
Our customer service staff have experience and qualifications in the landscape and horticultural industry, so you can be sure that the advice offered is based on valuable knowledge.

New Technology – Rockslinger®
Our BARK BLOWER® trucks are on the forefront of innovative ways to apply product. The Rockslinger® high speed conveyor application systems are an exciting new addition to the industry, providing the awesome ability to accurately supply and install heavy landscape product 15 tonnes in 15 minutes up to 40 metres away.

Call us on 1300 BLOWIT for more information or email on [email protected]