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As our staff attend #coolingthecity , a masterclass run by Penrith City Council, we are installing another green space in Warner’s Bay.

#jobsitesmadeeasy #barkblower #greeningthecity #ailansw #landscapeconstruction https://t.co/4xA6ZhbWCc

Get the good soil- did you know we have our soil tested regularly and by an independent laboratory? We want to ensure the growing media performs both structurally and biologically over time. Call us for more info.… https://t.co/izhnxOzJDx

This shot shows our capacity with around 500 cubes of soil blown in at Putney. See if you can pick out the hose set up over the fence, placing soil into the podium garden.


As UFC’s Mike Goldberg would say, “AND HERE WE GO”........ Two #Blowertrucks and two #Rockslingers are setup as we commence installation of 3,500 CUBIC METRES of various soils into this mammoth construction site in… https://t.co/2i19OZ9rae